09 October 2012

Wordless today.

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Im not happy today.
Its because I have just realized, I’ve got about 4 assignments and 3 upcoming quizzes to go. Excluding the presentations.

The first worst part was, we have another ‘sudden quizze’ today. We are all well-known that our lecturer loves to give quizzes whenever he wish to. But as usual, we are not prepared.

The highest level of the worst part was, few of my classmates are referring to the notes while others are struggling  hard-to-die, thinking the best word to be wrote on the blank pages. Or in a simple word; cheating. But the worst from the worst thing ever was, when I failed to tell the lecturer. Its not because I envying that person as I cant answer the question, buts it was all about fairness. Orang lain punyalah sampai nak menangis mikir jawapan, awak senang-senang ‘copy-pasted’ apacer?

And not to forget, the mid semester exam are just lingering around the corner. And I haven’t touch even a book. Yet. All of the subjects.  I was like questioning myself;  is this how the way a student who wish to get the best result should act? Allahu rabbi…

Another thing that also bothering me; 52 questions that need to be answered in 32 minutes given by Yayasan Bank Rakyat, as the next step to get their PPUB (Pinjaman Boleh Ubah) before 22nd of October. Answering questions is not an uncommon thing because its kind of a usual thing as we students must go through out the student life but thing that makes me worry a lot is; the questions will be given includes the world history, current issues, mathematics, English and etc. They also told us to study PMR’s and SPM’s questions.

Its really make me count, how many years I have left the school days.

So on our way back to mahallah, i just keep my mouth shut. But my mind are running like anything thinking what to do next, after reaching my room. And here I am, typing everthing as the first step after all of those thing happening today.

#English mood.

p/s: tegurlah andai ada yang salah. kadangkala manusia terlalu leka bila tiada yang mencegah. dan terima kasih kepada yang sudi menegur silap dan salah...

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