22 April 2010

Taubat taubat .

Its not kind of weird if someone talk about taubat , kiamat , insaf and all sort of things . Because as we all know , or maybe just make like theres nothing to worry about , kiamat dah pun dekat .

I bet everyone knows that .

But its just too little amount of people that take it seriously . Emm im one of them maybe . But then i realised and i do make a change . Alil bit though . Its alot of better than nothing kan ?

Its not a big sin to have a dream like ,

"I want to study at oversea"
"I wanna be a doctor"
"I wanna get married with the richest guy ever"
"I wanna have 20 children"

&& all stuff like that . Its really not a big sin . But we just need to make it balance . You know , amal kebaikan , for our bekalan to akhirat . But then (again) , its just to little of people realised this .

Wait wait . Dont point your finger to others that you might think they are sooo bad . Mentang mentang mereka mereka tu tak pakai tudung , huha sana huha sini , then you think you are much much good and better than them ??! Dont you ever think that ! ( but im not saying the opposite way too i mean yang tak pakai tudung tu sangat baik or so)

Actually we must reflect ourself first , before pointing others . We should & must think ,

Sempurnakah solat kita ?
Terjagakah aurat kita ?
Bagaimana hubungan kita sesama manusia ?
Cukupkah amalan kita ?

If not , why should we insulting others ? You yourself pun tak sempurna jadi janganlah nak tuding jari aja pada orang lain . Why not if we just remembering each other so then we could come up with good things together ?

Actually the question is just come up in mind ,

Sempat ke nak masuk ipta ?
Semua orang dah maafkan kesalahan aku ke ?
Aku akan mati dalam iman ke ?
Cukup ke amalan aku ni ?

p/s : minta maaf minta ampun kalau ada terbuat salah & silap .

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